It’s time! Join this year’s Call for Code Global Challenge now. Build solutions to address equitable access while building your generative AI skills with free watsonx training.

The Challenge

Basic necessities like clean water and safe, affordable housing, or opportunities in education and fair government representation are not equally accessible to all people. Climate change exacerbates the challenges that many people but especially women and historically underserved communities face as resources are strained and climate change protections are often inadequate. Generative AI has great potential to address these issues and reduce inequality, improving people’s lives.

Be a part of a new era in responsible AI. For the 2024 Call for Code Global Challenge, we’re calling on students, developers, and problem-solvers from universities and companies around the world to build innovative AI tech solutions with IBM watsonx that address specific challenges of equitable access to essential needs. Help show the world that AI can be trusted and used responsibly.