We Collaborate

For Social Impact

At DO, we collaborate with Development Partners, Donors and NGOs across our projects and campaigns to inspire and empower DO Grassroot Development Champions at scale to drive impact in their community.

We also work with brands and SMEs to execute Strategic CSR projects that address key social issues and create economic prosperity in target communities.

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How we Collaborate

Project Execution Support

With the support of partners, we provide Grassroot development Champions with project execution and supervisory support that will enable them to seamlessly execute a social impact project in their community.

Resource Procurement 

We deploy resources from our donors and partners to facilitate the process of procuring the necessary physical, material, technical and human resources needed for our Grassroot Development Champions to execute projects that drive social impact at the grassroots level.


We leverage donations and partnerships to provide mini-grants and donations to support the execution of ideas, projects and initiatives across our thematic issues that drive social impact at the grassroots level.

Training and capacity development

We collaborate with partners to provide resource materials, educational content and capacity development training that empower Grassroot Development Champions with the skills and expertise required to take action for sustainable development across our programs.

Partnership & Opportunity:

We leverage partnerships to connect our Grassroot Development Champion to opportunities that will enable them to execute projects that drive sustainable development across our Issues.