‘Corper shun’

I know you are elated to be finally free from suffrage in Nigerian tertiary institutions and their burdensome curriculum.

Your name has finally made it to the NYSC list after countless ASUU strikes and numerous carryovers. 

Excitement is written all over your face, and you can’t wait to flaunt your NYSC khaki, taking endless pictures to post on social media.

Calm down.

First off, congratulations on making it this far. It goes without saying that if you can survive the Nigerian education system, you can thrive anywhere.

So, it’s time for your one year of mandatory service to your country. But have you stopped to think of how to navigate this phase of your life?

See, NYSC is a defining point in the life of every Nigerian graduate; it can set the tone for your life – career, relationship, ministry, finance, business, name it.

Here's a simple guide to rock your NYSC

1. Get your NYSC kit early:

Once your name appears on the NYSC senate list, please list the things you need for orientation camp and buy them to avoid a last-minute rush.

Essentials to buy include;

  • Toiletries
  • Sanitary products for ladies
  • Bedspread and mosquito net
  • Two white t-shirts
  • Two white shorts
  • White rubber shoes
  • Waist pouch
  • A few casual clothes and shoes for Sunday
  • Beverages and cereals so that you don’t spend much in Mami market and restaurant
  • Padlocks for your bags
  • You can buy bathing and ‘shiting’ buckets (for ladies) from the Mami market.
  • Some cash (say N50,000) and ATM card

2. Prepare and make eight copies of all your documents.

Documents that’ll be asked of you during documentation include;

  • Final year school ID
  • Statement of result (Degree or HND)
  • NYSC call-up letter
  • NYSC green card
  • Medical certificate of fitness and a medical report from a federal hospital if you have a health condition
  • Marriage certificate for married PCMs
  • Eight recent passport photographs on a white or off-white background

3. Go a day before your camp date, especially if where you are posted is far, to avoid the stress of late registration. If possible, go in groups with other PCMs.

4. When you arrive at camp, do your documentation religiously. Do not lose any document (tag, meal ticket etc.) issued to you in camp.

5. Be security conscious, especially if posted to conflict areas. Guard your phone and power bank jealously. Don’t go to isolated places in camp. Always be in a company. In case of a security breach, don’t panic. Just follow the security drill, and you’ll be safe.

6. Participate in camp activities. Join a group (OBS, Band, Red Cross, Medical team, Do Take Action etc.); it will improve your chances of better PPA. Meet people, make new friends and create strategic relationships. You never know who is who.

7. Don’t miss any opportunity to showcase your skill. Some corps members have been known to win millions of naira from competitions and contests.

8. Choose a SAED training that aligns with your plan/intention, take it seriously, and make sure you continue the training after orientation camp. Some youths who have a business now learnt the skill during their service year 

9. After your 21-day orientation camp, you’ll be given letters to your PPAs and told to report immediately. Don’t make the mistake of hurrying off to look for your PPA. Settle down first in a lodge. Ask older corps members for directions; you might find someone who knows the exact place or works there. When you get to your PPA, don’t be in a hurry to be accepted. Ensure that you are comfortable with the terms and conditions of your employer before they accept your letter. The reason is that it will be harder to change your PPA once you have been accepted.

Let’s stop here for now to avoid information overload.

Watch this space for part 2.

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Don’t Dull.

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