The Addax and Oryx Foundation aims to fund focused, high-impact projects with a clear beginning, end and exit strategy, run by small organizations that have little or no access to large funders. The Foundation gives preference to concrete projects that cover more than one of our key areas of focus: health, education, community development, with environmental stewardship cutting across all activities, in the knowledge that they are all crucial to the journey out of extreme poverty.

 Selection criteria

The Addax and Oryx Foundation funds projects that:

  1. Are conducted by registered non-profit, non-governmental organizations (see also under Limitations and exclusions) with:
    • Proven experience and competence in the proposed area of activity.
    • Demonstrated budget efficiency and transparency in the use of funds.
  2. Contribute to the eradication of the root causes of poverty in Africa and the Middle East.
  3. Focus on the Foundation’s four core areas:
    • Health
    • Education
    • Community development
    • The environment.
  4. Create a sustainable and measurable impact for the most underprivileged populations.
  5. Ensure sustainable development by building skills and empowerment for the long-term.

The Foundation gives preference to projects that cover two or more of its core areas, and to small organizations run by highly committed individuals who are directly involved in the projects they propose.


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Limitations and exclusions

The Foundation does not support:

  • On-going programs
  • Individuals or their families directly
  • Religious or faith-based projects, programs or organizations
  • Political organizations and/or events
  • For-profit organizations

Funding process

Selected projects are submitted to the Foundation’s Board, which meets 3-4 times per year. Once a project is approved by the Foundation’s Board, it is the subject of a Funding Agreement that defines precisely the duties of the implementing organization towards the Foundation and vice versa.