The Charity Entrepreneurship Incubation Program is a two-month, cost-covered training program that gives a small cohort of talented people from all over the world everything they need to launch a field-leading charity.

Since 2018, we have assisted 50+ individuals from a wide range of backgrounds in launching 27 high-impact charities. Several are now on track to becoming field leaders, surpassing the cost-effectiveness of most impactful interventions in the areas of global health & development, animal welfare, and family planning (as evaluated by respected organizations such as Founders Pledge, GiveWell, and Rethink Priorities).


The program runs online with two weeks in person.

The incubation program last for 8 weeks followed by a two weeks seed funding process. During the 2 week seed funding process, you make final improvement to your proposal, which is then submitted to our seed network who will make the final decision on grant.

Full time commitment is required during the program(i.e 8+ hours per week)


  • The necessary training
  • Co-founder matching
  • A well connected and collaborative community
  • An evidence based and cost effective intervention idea
  • A seed grant of $200,000 to get started
    During the program, they provide:
  • Stipends to cover your living costs during the incubation program (rent, food, Wi-Fi, childcare).The stipends are around 2,000 euro per month based on participant need and adjust accordingly
  • Travel and board cost for the two weeks in London

After the program,

If for any reason, you will not be able to start a charity, they provide:

  • Career mentorship (our track record for connecting non-founder participants to research grants, related jobs and other pathways to impact is near 100%)
  • Two months stipends to provide net during the period of looking for alternative opportunity
  • Continued access to the CE community through the slack network


  • Open to candidates of all ages from a wide range of background
  • They are looking people who are open minded , excited to learn, driven and passionate.
  • If founding a charity feels like an exciting opportunity to you, you are encouraged to apply! Even if you are not a perfect fit for the program, you’ll be one step to finding your true career path

This program is for you if you :

  • If you are excited to make huge impact with your career
  • Like moving fast and working on a variety of different task
  • Feel motivated by new challenges


  • A few general logistical question
  • 15 multiple questions
  • Two short questions
  • A short fit assessment of 41 questions

If your CV on hand, the process should not take more than 30mins. Once you advance to the first question, you can move the navigation bar to move around the different question in the form