In an effort to empower the next generation of climate change champions, Yale University proudly presents the Emerging Climate Leaders Fellowship. This transformative six-month program unites 16 bright minds from diverse backgrounds, hailing from emerging countries, to delve deep into the realms of clean energy and climate leadership.

Who Are the Climate Fellows?

These Climate Fellows are not your average students; they represent a plethora of professions such as public servants, entrepreneurs, journalists, educators, and more. Hailing from the Global South, they converge at Yale’s International Leadership Center for an intensive and immersive experience.

The Fellowship Unveiled

The fellowship is a three-part odyssey. It commences with a week-long orientation at Yale in April, where fellows engage with Yale faculty and practitioners, immersing themselves in the global climate change dialogue. Following this, from May to July, interactive remote sessions with international experts provide invaluable insights into policy issues surrounding climate change and clean energy transition. The journey culminates in an in-person week in Paris, where fellows meet international climate change analysts, share their learnings, and present policy recommendations to a global advisory board.

The Selection Process

The selection process is rigorous, ensuring a balanced and diverse cohort of fellows. Applicants, hailing from the Global South, should have between five and ten years of professional experience and be fluent in English. The fellowship covers all costs, including travel, accommodations, and per diem, making it accessible to passionate individuals without financial constraints.

How to Apply

Applications for the 2024 Yale Emerging Climate Leaders Fellowship are open until November 1, 2023. Aspiring fellows need to submit a resume, a personal statement, and a recommendation letter. Optional video statements are also welcomed, offering candidates a chance to showcase their passion and commitment.

This fellowship is not just a learning opportunity; it’s a life-changing experience. It’s a chance for emerging leaders to broaden their horizons, deepen their expertise, and build connections that will fuel their journey towards a sustainable future. Yale’s Emerging Climate Leaders Fellowship isn’t just an educational program; it’s a beacon of hope, illuminating the path for a new generation of climate change warriors.