“I love to be in a position where I can cater for the welfare of people, be a source of encouragement, be a reason for them to see positivity in themselves” – Ado Damilola Kaosarat.

Damilola is a Grassroots Development Champion passionate about caring, encouraging and bringing out the best in people. She loves helping children achieve their full potential.

She is a graduate of Mass Communication from the National Open University of Nigeria. Currently, she is self-employed as a manager of a business center.

With the rate of illiteracy going through the roof, Damilola decided to do something about it. She launched a ‘Gift Books’ project in Ibadan South West LGA, Oke Ado Area, to donate free textbooks to students who cannot afford them.

In the course of the project, she taught the students, especially those in exam class, how to prepare a study plan, focus on their studies without distraction and ace their exams in one sitting.

“I see myself in these students when I was in secondary school. I had a study plan then which enabled me to make my WAEC & NECO results in one sitting. I believe if students can stick to their study plan they can also share a success story like mine.” – Ado Damilola Kaosarat

Damilola has taken action to increase literacy in her community.

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