“We need to help these young ones understand the importance of taking up leadership roles quite early” – Egwuoku Benn.

Benn is a Grassroots Development Champion passionate about nation building and creating lasting solutions to problems. He believes in catching the young ones and grooming them to be great leaders tomorrow.

He is a graduate of Electrical Electronics Engineering from Ogun state institute of technology. Currently, he plans events and parties for a living.

Considering the terrible ripples of bad governance in his country, Nigeria, he decided to take action to build a better Nigeria for the younger generation.

To that effect, Benn launched the project “The School Prefect ” at MAALE COMPREHENSIVE HIGH SCHOOL, IGBESA, Ogun State. 

In the course of the project, Benn taught the youngsters the principles of leadership, how to be a good leader, and the electoral process. At the end of the project, the students put their new knowledge into work in electing their school prefects.

Benn has taken action to groom young leaders in his community.

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