“I love children. I believe that children will grow to become the type of citizens the society molds them to be. So, it’s important to invest positively in them. But, this investment shouldn’t begin post-birth but from the point of conception” – Oluwadamilare Olatunji.

Olatunji is a Grassroots Development Champion who wants to contribute positively to his immediate society in any possible ways. He is driven by the passion to see a society where everyone is treated fairly and equitably.

He studied Child Development and Family Studies at the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, and is currently working as a Research Analyst.

Olatunji implemented the “Safe Mother Safe Child” project at Peze, Kubwa, Abuja, because of my love for children and my desire to see them grow into healthy and responsible members of society. So, it’s important to invest positively in them right on early and from the point of conception not post-birth. The actions of expectant mothers during pregnancy play a major role in the formation and development of their child. So, it’s crucial that expectant mothers are informed on best prenatal practices so as to not inadvertently disrupt their child’s development pathway.

In the course of the project, Olatunji and his team addressed poor knowledge of best antenatal practices and the endemic malaria outbreak in the area which is a peril to pregnant mothers, taught the participants best prenatal and postnatal practices, conducted one-on-one health counseling sessions with each of the project participants to answer personal questions and provide peculiar professional advice, and distributed essential antenatal medications and mosquito nets to the project beneficiaries.

“It was my first time personally implementing a community development project, so It’s a great accomplishment for me. The project helped me impact the hardly reached population. I was excited I was able to give hope to people who feel socially neglected” – Oluwadamilare Olatunji.

Olatunji has taken action to curb infant and mother mortality in his community. 

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