“I am passionate about growth. I fight anything resulting in death, backwardness and  ignorance. I value human life alot and I believe with the right knowledge, people can be better” – Onyekachi Obiorah Emmanuel. 

Onyekachi is a Grassroots Development Champion passionate about growth. He loves to motivate people to better themselves. 

He graduated with a Bsc degree From Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka in 2007 where he studied Geological Sciences. Currently, he is a Practising Health and Safety Professional with Julius Berger Nigeria Plc in Abuja.

Recently, Onyekachi noticed the increasing rate of depression and the disturbing trend of suicide in Nigeria. He was troubled about it because he knew these maladies can be corrected and managed.

Armed with his knowledge as a Health and Safety Professional, Onyekachi quickly embarked on the project “Stress, Depression and Suicide awareness.”

He carried out the project at Mountain of Fire church, Angwan Rogo Community, Abuja (besides Nile University area). I got a speaker, Onyedikachi Kanu, who delivered a seminar on the topic.

The beneficiaries of the project were armed with sufficient knowledge on the triggers of depression, how to overcome depression and what to do when they notice such cases around them.  

Onyekachi has taken action to curb depression, stress and suicide in his community. 

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