“I love to treat everyone right and equal by the law. I dislike injustice, impartiality and brutality. I fight for human rights” – Oyedemi Abiodun Oluwaseun.

Oyedemi is a Grassroots Development Champion passionate about equal rights, justice and fairness. This is partly the reason he joined the Cadet Network Nigeria.

He is a student of Fisheries Production at Olabisi Onabanjo University.

Having observed the trend of harassment, brutality, injustice in his community, Oyedemi executed the project “Stand, Know your Right and get Help” at Oriade Comprehensive High School, Oriade, Ayetoro, Yewa North LGA. 

In the course of the project, Oyedemi taught the students on Fundamental Human Rights, Their rights as citizens, and how to solicit help without fear, even in the face of threats.

Oyedemi’s project has informed the civic ignorance of the participants, and emboldened them to demand for and stand on their rights.

Oyedemi has taken action to curb civic ignorance and injustice in his community. 

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