Applied Research Projects (ARPs) are a foundational component of the MINT programme. ARPs involve small student groups working together to conduct policy-relevant research with partner organisations on issues relating to international development and international relations.

Through ARPs, students learn and apply analytical and research skills to practical and policy-relevant issues in international relations and development. Students work with autonomy and professionalism under the supervision of a team of Graduate Institute faculty.

Over the course of the ARP, students are expected to:

  • elaborate project Terms of Reference and frame appropriate research questions;
  • conduct in-depth literature reviews and design relevant methodologies;
  • undertake original research;
  • analyse primary data;
  • write analytic preliminary and final reports; and
  • present final research findings.

Teamwork, collaboration, professionalism, effective communication, and problem solving are crucial skills that the ARP process aims to teach students.



Organisations working on issues of global concern are invited to submit applications to sponsor an ARP. Partner organisations are expected to provide guidance and support to students to generate research that is of policy and practical relevance.

Applying to serve as an ARP Partner Organisation is a competitive process; successful applicants demonstrate a commitment to supporting students across the project period, including through the provision of technical expertise, supporting students’ professional learning, and helping students connect with other leading experts in the relevant field of practice.

ARP Partner Organisations are expected to:

  • provide overall framing of the research project;
  • participate in approximately 4 meetings with students across the project period;
  • provide feedback on and validate students’ deliverables, including the Terms of Reference, Literature Review and Methodology, and the Preliminary and Final Reports;
  • attend the final presentation.

Organisations interested in applying to become ARP Partners for the 2024-2025 cohort are invited to complete this ARP Partner Application Form by 31 July 2024. Organizations which pass through the first stage of screening will be contacted by mid-September 2024. Selected organisations will be asked to adhere to the Geneva Graduate Institute’s Code of Conduct and to sign a partnership agreement.