Harvard and Stanford University Professional CV and Cover Letter Template 2024. Crafting a compelling and professional CV and cover letter is crucial when applying jobs, scholarships, internships, fellowships, and at times volunteering opportunities, especially while applying for admission and scholarships to prestigious institutions like Harvard and Stanford University.

1. Stanford’s Resume Guidelines:
Stanford University offers a comprehensive guide on crafting resumes, available at Stanford’s Career Resource.

This resource not only outlines essential resume guidelines but also provides a free template. Following Stanford’s guidelines ensures that your resume aligns with the standards set by one of the world’s top universities, emphasizing clarity, professionalism, and achievement highlights.

2. Amy Price DPhil’s Resume Writing Guide (Stanford):

Amy Price DPhil, associated with Stanford University, shares insights on writing your first CV at Stanford’s Anesthesia Department

This resource, is rich in practical advice, aims to guide individuals, especially those entering the professional realm, in creating impactful resumes. Leveraging this guide can help applicants structure their CVs effectively, highlighting key accomplishments and skills.

Harvard’s CVs and Cover Letters Template:
Harvard University’s Office of Career Services provides a comprehensive resource at GSAS CVs and Cover

This template, curated by one of the world’s most renowned institutions, assists applicants in creating compelling CVs and cover letters. It offers insights into formatting, content selection, and tailoring your application to the requirements of prestigious academic and professional environments.

Here are 3 templates you will find helpful:

1. Resume Guidelines with FREE template by Stanford. https://gsb.stanford.edu/alumni/career-resources/job-search/resumes

2. How to write your first Resume( with template ) By Amy Price DPhil (Stanford). https://med.stanford.edu/anesthesia/education/SASI/TheGuide/writing-your-first-cv.html

3. Getting Started with CVs and Cover Letters template from Harvard. https://hwpi.harvard.edu/files/ocs/files/gsas-cvs-and-cover-letters.pdf