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Relief Health and Education Outreach Impacts 200 Families and 100 Children in IDP Camp, Durumi, Abuja- Bukayo Owojaiye.

Location | IDP Camp, Durumi, Abuja, Nigeria


The menace of Boko Haram isn’t news to anyone in Nigeria. Since 2009, Nigeria has faced the greatest security threat from the Boko Haram fundamentalist Islamic group which has been termed the world’s deadliest terrorist group. Pursuing a mandate to rid Nigeria of western and Christian influences, the group has unleashed unprecedented mayhem resulting in loss of thousands of lives, pillaged communities, abduction of school girls, sexual slavery and forced child brides, the death of security force agents, threatened access to education, suicide bomb attacks and displacement of millions.


Statistics show that  Nigeria reportedly constitutes the largest part of Africa’s internally displaced persons (IDPs) about 3.3 million IDPs, with about 470,500 displaced in 2013. In March 2018, Aljazeera published an article which reports that about 2.6 million persons have been displaced from their homes and dispersed across the Internally Displaced Persons Camps (IDP) in the nation, with more than 10,000 of them fleeing to Abuja. Interestingly, there are only 4 IDP camps in Abuja.

However, in spite of governmental and non-governmental effort to provide relief and rehabilitation support for these individuals, the living conditions are dire and many of these IDPs are living under poor, disheartening conditions. The demand for humanitarian services seems to be more than the supply.


At the IDP camp in Durumi, Abuja, a need analysis research highlighted the notable challenge of access to health care. Most families do not know where their next meal will come from and cannot afford access to medical attention or vaccines, most families starve; some children go naked while others die as a result of lack of medical attention. It’s an awful reality.

DO Relief hub program, Impacts 200 Families and 100 Children in Durumi IDP Camp, in partnership with Ambassadors World Church 

Working as a social development advocate in rural communities around the FCT, Bukayo Owojaiye learnt of the healthcare challenge at the Durumi IDP camp and sought to take action under the DO-Relief Hub Campaign.

At the core of the Relief Hub campaign, is a mission offering that seeks to inspire and organise opportunities for individuals and groups to provide community-centred philanthropic and rehabilitation support for victims of disasters, conflicts and underprivileged members of society. The support delivered is designed to help them lead an appreciable standard of living and so, it is measurable and trackable. From feeding missions to clothing missions to health outreaches to orphanage missions to sanitary/hygiene missions and even MSMEs & Trading Grants, these projects help in improving outcomes and secure livelihoods.

Driven by the passion to see families survive, feed and live healthy lives in Nigeria, Bukayo’s big dream is to reach out to thousands of people affected by crisis and disaster and be able to cater for their immediate needs by providing them with immediate relief material to aid survival. And so, with support from the Relief Hub project under the DO-Take Action umbrella and in partnership with Ambassadors Word Outreach organization, SAM Empowerment Foundation, Adonia Foundation and Ishiba Foundation, Bukayo coordinated a health outreach to the IDP camp at Durumi, Abuja on October 20th 2018. Bukayo’s action was the first relief hub project to be implemented.




The relief outreach to the IDP camp entailed the following actions;

  • Provision of relief material to aid survival.
  • Provision of medical checkup.
  • Delivered a 1-day educational training for children in the camp.
  • Shared the gospel of hope, joy, laughter and comfort via faith evangelism.


The health outreach inspired about 100 church members and other individuals (young and old alike) to take responsibility and ownership in providing relief and healthcare services for families in the camp. Through these provisions, the project directly impacted over 200 families and over 100 children through the provision of learning materials for their education.

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