While the debate over whether leaders are “born or made” continues in the public press, decades of research on the impacts of participating in formal leadership development interventions shows that individuals can enhance their capacity over time.

Student leadership entails students taking an active role in their education while also developing good qualities. Inspiring student leaders aim to foster a classroom culture of ownership, collaboration, and community. Student leadership development helps students build talents that they can use as individuals.

It is critical for students to have leadership chances throughout their education so that they can acquire the art of forming bonds within teams, identifying identities, and effectively completing tasks. It also allows you to learn how to recognize and demonstrate effective communication and interpersonal skills.

Early leadership experience can be quite beneficial. Study after study has found that selective universities look for demonstrable leadership experience. Selective universities look for established leadership ability, and studies show that persons with high school leadership experience earn up to 33% more than those who don’t. This wage premium is comparable to that which gets with a college education.

30-year-old Samson Akinyemi Oluwaseun recognized the need to inculcate the consciousness of leadership in the young generation and decided to take it up as a project. 

Samson is an Ogun-born presenter in an online radio station (The new seraph radio). Also, he is a monitor and evaluation enthusiast, currently based in the City of Excellence, Lagos. One of Samson’s 2021 goals was to positively influence students in secondary school with self-leadership skills.

Samson understands that a  nation built on the standard of good governance with great leaders will solve the leadership of Nigeria. He, therefore, set out on a grassroots project, “SCHOOL PREFECT” under the aegis of DO-Take Action, to contribute to raising a breed of future leaders who are patriotic, democratic, and compassionate

He launched the project under the Democracy, Corruption, Human Rights And Governance program; a voter/civic education and data-driven advocacy campaign targeted at creating an informed society where citizens have a clear understanding of the issues, are actively engaged in the governance process from voting in elections to holding the leaders they elect accountable at the ward, LGA, State and Federal level throughout their tenure.

He carried out the project at Comprehensive high school in Oshodi, Lagos state, and it entailed the following:

  • A group discussion on characteristics of a Leader, democracy, corruption and good governance 
  • A mini election for selection of prefects where students appointed those who they feel should rule them in the school
  • Personality check of each student appointed to check if they are worthy of the position
  • An interactive Q/A session where the participants asked questions and were given informed answers
  • A self-assessment test to evaluate the girls on their understanding of what has been taught to ensure comprehension and assimilation 

In the course of the project, a minimum of 90% of students cast their votes in School elections.  A minimum of 65% of Students took the Increasing Youth Participation in Politics & Leadership test online and now know about the concept of running for office, electioneering, and campaign. 60% of participants commit to leading and delivering on their mandate.  A minimum of 60 participants pledged to advocate for servant leadership and good governance in their community, as well as influence and become a #StartTodayLeadTomorrow Advocate.

Samson envisions a nation free from corruption, greed and all sorts of social vices; a nation with great leaders influencing the continent that would change the world. He did the project in furtherance of that dream. What are your dreams for Nigeria? What are you doing about it today?

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