Many people are ditching their 9-to-5 job model in favor of being an entrepreneur. And why not? The soaring rate of layoffs especially post-pandemic is alarming. There is no more job security; you could lose your job in a twinkle of an eye. Those that are not ditching their jobs are setting up side hustles to earn passive income.

What’s more?

As a result of Nigeria’s present economic crisis, the government, organizations, and random people have all encouraged and pushed for entrepreneurship. This is due to the importance of entrepreneurship in the economic development of every nation. A high level of entrepreneurship has contributed to the economic development of many nations that we see today over time.

We are at a point in time where it is inappropriate for you to not have a business, side hustle, or startup. And, strangely, according to a poll performed by Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, Nigeria is at the lead. Indeed, the survey stated that a burgeoning surge of grassroots self-starters across Africa is taking risks and defying obstacles to bring their money-making ideas to fruition. According to the research, 35 Nigerian adults out of every 100 are involved in some form of entrepreneurial activity. Nigeria’s global entrepreneurship index stood at 20.8 in 2019, up from 19.75 the previous year, representing a 5.33 percent increase.

This is why Uwakmfon Archibong Nsa embarked on a project titled “Passion to Business Empire” under DO-Take Action to empower the women of Esierebom and Afokang communities with vocational skills to start a business. The project falls under Decent Work, Economic Growth And Trade/  Startup, Business and Creative hubs support and Ecosystems Development; an entrepreneurial-skills-acquisition training, designed to empower Out-of-School Youths with specific skills i.e (Finance, Marketing & promotion, Strategy, Operations Management, Supply chain, Distribution, Customer service, Fundraising, and Raising Capital) that they will need to grow their business or hustle.

28-year-old Archibong is a graduate of Cross River University of Technology, Calabar, where she studied Technical Education. She is an advocate for gender equality, and also the Executive Director of Flourish Heart Foundation, a nonprofit organization that advocates for women’s rights and women’s empowerment through entrepreneurship. Archibong is passionate about building a better generation of young women and girls who will be able to make an informed decisions for themselves, take up leadership positions and contribute positively to economic growth.

She carried out the project in Esierebom and Afokang communities. It entailed the following activities:

  •         Mobilization and sensitization on small scale businesses you can start with little capital
  •         Training on Business setup and financial management
  •         Training on baking and pastries
  •         Training on Gele making

In the course of the project, 50 young girls were trained on Cake making, Buns making, Chin-chin making and Gele tying. A good percentage of the participants are currently making money from the skills they learnt.

Archibong is passionate about equipping and empowering womenfolk, especially underprivileged ones, with the necessary skills to start their own business and make money so as to be financially independent. What action are you taking to drive change in your community?

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