An annual group of 30 to 35 Fellows comprised of professionals and practitioners from various fields and backgrounds will participate in the Initiative, based on the sub-themes of the program. Each group will actively engage with the issues, phenomenon, future prospects, and impacts of the key issues within the sub-themes.

PARTICIPANT PROFILE FOR YEAR TWO: Connecting Technologies (2024)

Theme Focus: Policy professionals passionate about exploring the relationship between technology and its impacts on societal growth, governance, equity, security, and environmental sustainability.

Professional Background: Early to mid-career professionals from diverse fields, including academia, business, public sector, and civil society.

Age Range: Predominantly applicants aged between 30 and 40 years.

Global Participation: Seeking a cohort of 30~35 fellows, comprising Korean nationals (15) and international participants (20).

Target Geographies: Special emphasis on applicants based in or whose work has a focus on, the following geographies: Australia, Canada, China, European Union institutions, France, Germany, India, Israel, Japan, Nigeria, Nordic Countries (Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Norway), Russia, South Korea, United Kingdom, and the United States.

Sub-theme Engagement: Candidates should have professional experience with and interest in at least one of the sub-themes of the program (please refer to the sub-themes from Year 2: Connecting Technologies item on this page).

Active Participation: Participants must be prepared to actively delve into the issues, phenomena, future prospects, and impacts of the critical issues emerging within the sub-themes. Please review what the participation would entail and learn more about the format of the program here.

Apply using this link if you are an international applicant.

If you are a Korean citizen, please use this link.