NI – Product Marketing Specialist – Jumia

At Jumia, mobility is at the heart of our people development approach. This job board helps us establish more transparency in available opportunities in the company to promote mobility.

You need to follow simple guidelines:

  • Before applying, make sure you discussed the opportunity with your direct manager and both of you agree that this is positive for your development (Direct manager to draft a recommendation letter).
  • Please ensure there is a match in level & location.

Job Description: Major Tasks and Responsibilities:

1. Daily Routines:
● Drive experimentation on different communication and segmentation to
drive the most relevant content for each user by using data mining and
● Run experiment analytics to get the performance and identify similar users
to scale up for the entire user base.
● Planning of communication calendar for all verticals based on user
segmentation and promotional deals available.
● Generate high-quality marketing content, including push notifications,
emails, SMS, and promotional materials.
● Disseminate communications to customers through channels such as
email, push notifications, SMS, in-app messages, and more.
● Drive channel performance through data analysis and content testing to
improve CTR% and conversions.
● Monitor daily performance, assess the situation, and develop action plans
to address any performance gaps.

Skills Required:

● 4/5+ years of experience in CRM, Product Marketing, or relevant marketing
roles involving communication channels.
● Proficiency in Microsoft Office, particularly Excel.
● Good skills in Power BI, SQL, and Python.
● Excellent written communication skills in English.

● Copywriting and storytelling skills
● Possess a growth hacking mindset.
● Self-motivated and capable of working with cross-functional teams.