The School Enterprise Challenge is a free educational programme that teaches business and life skills.
It supports teachers and students to plan and set up real businesses at their school.

From coming up with your own business idea to writing a business plan and actually launching your school business, we’ll support you the whole way!

The programme is open to all pre-primary schools, primary schools, secondary & high schools, technical colleges and out-of-school educational centres providing a formal qualification. However, the programme is not open to universities.


  • This year, there are 26 prizes available, each ranging from $180 up to $5000, prizes total up to $20,000
  • Student and teachers benefit from experiential learning, students get practical experience running a real business, developing Entrepreneural skills and key life skills. And teachers are able to learn about business, bring academic subject to life through real life examples, develop teaching techniques and boost their CV
  • School’s achieve global recognition and join a growing network of schools from all over the globe that are committed to preparing students for the real world


  • Open to all school’s from all countries including pre-primary schools, primary schools, secondary schools and technical /vocational colleges
  • Not open to universities