Trent University, Canada Scholarships 2024 is a funded scholarship program for undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral degree programs.

International students from around the world can apply for the International Scholarships and Awards Program to study in Canada. Canada offers highly competitive scholarships and awards for Bachelor’s, Masters, and Ph.D. programs in several academic subjects at Trent University.

There are different Scholarships and Awards – Entrance Scholarships (automatically offered) – List is Given Below.

Trent University Entrance Scholarships – (Automatically Offered):

  1. All applicants applying at Trent University are automatically considered for Entrance Scholarships and awarded for academic excellence. Financial support is in range from $1,000 to $3,000. The scholarship awards will be offered for the first two terms of studies. These awards are non-renewable.
  2. The entrance scholarship can also be merged with Trent International Global Citizen Awards.

IB Entrance Scholarships – (Automatically Offered):

Trent University offers IB Entrance Scholarships (automatically considered ) to All international students applying for admission to Trent on the basis of an IB diploma. The scholarship worth is about $1,000 in IB Entrance Scholarship and offers only for the first term of studies. The IB Entrance Scholarship can be merged with a Trent University Entrance Scholarship and Trent International Global Citizen Awards.

Trent International Global Citizen Scholarships And Awards

  1. This scholarship is awarded to highly competitive international students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement along with community service, leadership potential, and some financial need.
  2. Scholarships and Awards are partially funded by tuition and ancillary fees at Trent University about $2,000 to $24,000 per academic year (housing is not included).