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Annually, budgets are prepared, approved and released via the various machineries and sectors of government. Periodically, policies are designed, formulated and implemented. However, in the discussion and design process of policy issues and prevalent challenges that affect the citizenry, the voters who elected the government into power are notably absent in the crop of key stakeholders who influence these processes.

To successfully deploy sustainable development initiatives the grassroots has to be involved. What necessitates budgetary allocations? Is this what the people really need or is there a disconnect between the sense of achievement governments possess in the launch and implementation of projects and the actual needs of the people? For instance, the execution of that airport, hotel or stadium project on the scale of need are they relevant development solutions putting in context the realities those in the grassroots face.

A government that is not in tune with the realities of the people will implement constituency projects that are myopic because when decisions are made from a detached pedestal of government, the decision making process is flawed by a lack of comprehensive information.

There is an urgent need for an informed society where voters are engaged to collaborate with government institutions and leaders are held accountable for the power entrusted to them.

The #VotersSpeak project powers a strong feedback mechanism that the government can rely on in designing and executing projects. This feedback mechanism is expected to consistently collate a comprehensive need analysis of current realities, facts-based reports of infrastructural gaps or problems that voters face and facilitate advocacy for groundwork development.

The case for inclusive governance and citizen involvement is an ideal that can be translated to reality, but only when voters are given a place at the table and the opportunity to interact with simplified, transparent information on government processes. Most importantly, this serves to accomplish the 17th sustainable development goal- Partnership For The Goals, which points to the need for everyone to effectively contribute to the achievement of the SDGs as well as to lend further credence and legitimacy to the government.


Voters Speak is a 5 year nationwide data and citizen-driven advocacy campaign targeted at gathering data on the challenges, policy directions, decisions, specific developmental projects and initiatives that voters want their local, state and federal governments to deliver on. The end goal is to use this data to engage those elected into public office so as to ensure that they deliver on the needs of their constituents.


Phase 1: Road to 2019

The phases involve securing concrete commitments from Nigerians running for an elective position in 2019.


  • Conduct a survey and research the key major developmental issues and projects that concern voters.


Use the data gathered to craft stories, reports and visualizations to engage with Nigerians running for office from federal, state to local level with the goal of getting clear commitments to tackle the issues raised by potential voters.

Phase 2 : Post 2019 Elections

This phase involves holding elected officials accountable to their commitments by ensuring voters constantly engage with those they elect in office.


  • Periodically conduct nation, state and local surveys, gather petitions on key micro and major developmental projects, initiatives and policy directions that voters need to be deployed in their locality as a form of feedback mechanism to keep those they elect in check.
  • Build an online databank where data collated will be hosted to provide an overview of the developmental needs of different communities, local government, states and regions.

For those elected, we will also track and measure progress made by them in regards to delivering on their commitments.


Use the data gathered to craft stories, reports and visualizations that empower voters and relevant organizations to engage with relevant federal, state and local elected officials and governments to ensure that they deliver on the issues they were elected to solve.


Track the execution and impact of projects, policies and initiatives that were demanded by voters.



Inspire over 36 Grassroots development champions, 360 volunteers to gather data through surveys and petitions across 36 communities.


Craft over 36 stories, reports and visualizations and ensure it reaches a minimum of 10 million Nigerians and over 50 elected officials.


Work with local communities and interested organizations to engage with elected leaders to drive the execution of over 36 micro / major developmental projects, decisions and policies that are in line with the sustainable development goals across different communities.