Introduction to the VU Master’s Scholarship Programme

Applications are now open for the VU Masters Scholarship Programme (VUFP) for international students. The VU Scholarship Programme (VUFP) offers talented prospective students the unique opportunity to pursue a degree in a selection of Master’s programmes at VU University.

VU University has committed to providing approximately 1 million euros towards attracting highly motivated, excellent students. The VUFP is a prestigious programme that offers students the unique chance to gain valuable experience and benefit from the university’s leading faculty and resources. It also provides a platform for students to work with their peers and develop valuable skills.

Selection and Eligibility Criteria 

  • The VU Scholarship Programme (VUFP) is a merit scholarship programme for strongly motivated students with excellent study results.
  • Eligible candidates must be able to prove their academic excellence, and they must be admitted to an English-taught Master’s degree at VU Amsterdam starting in September 2019.
  • Students with Dutch nationality and/or a Dutch degree (given that the Dutch degree is used for admission) are not eligible for admission.
  • Students following a one-year Master’s programme may not apply for the VUFP scholarship for a second year.
  • Students already enrolled in a two-year Master’s programme who have not been awarded the VUFP scholarship in 2018–2019 are not eligible to apply for the VUFP scholarship in 2019–2020.
  • Only in cases where a student has been given a scholarship from the start will it be extended if they complete all first-year credits.
  • The faculty VUFP committee will be asked to demonstrate to the central VUFP committee that these credits have indeed been achieved.
  • The scholarship will only be granted to a student once and is explicitly intended for the Master’s programme for which it has been awarded.

Benefits of the VU Masters Scholarship Programme 

When applying for the VUFP scholarship, you automatically also apply for the NL Scholarship (formerly HSP). No separate application is necessary. A NL Scholarship is a contribution towards the cost of living. It is 5.000 EUR or 10.000 EUR for the entire duration of your study period. Please note:

  • The NL Scholarship is awarded only for the first year of your study programme. You will not receive the NL Scholarship for the second year of your studies, even if you are following a two-year study programme.
  • We have around 20–25 HSP scholarships available. Only a few of the VUFP awardees will get the NL Scholarship.

How to Apply

Step 1: Register for a Master’s programme (from 1 October 2023)
Register for a Master’s programme in studielink and after that, in your personal dashboard on Please note that you must have already been conditionally admitted to the Master’s programme before you can apply for the VUFP scholarship.

If you want to be considered for the scholarships, you must submit your program application by the deadline. Your program application should ideally be submitted no later than December 1st. Additionally, if an intake or assessment is part of your program’s admissions process, we suggest that you submit your complete program application even earlier.

Step 2: Submit your VUFP application (from 1 November 2023)
Submit your VUFP application on your personal VU dashboard.

To apply, please fill out this form and at the end of it paste the GPA proof or programme transcript and a grading scale explanation. Once done, save it as one file in .PDF format and upload it in the Scholarship section of your personal dashboard on (located on the Complete Registration page).

Please ensure to answer all questions and include the GPA proof or programme transcript. Not answering one or more questions or not including the GPA proof or programme  transcript will result in your application being considered incomplete.

Please note that you can submit your application only once. Make sure to double-check if your application is complete and sufficient before submitting it because you will not be allowed to submit it again.

The Application Deadline is 1ST of December 2023