Are You Ready to Lead the Change?

Join our global innovation challenge: Together Towards Tomorrow, a collaboration between Ashoka and HSBC, which invites changemakers from around the world with initiatives that unite people across generations to activate young people as leaders. We’re on the hunt for innovative solutions that promote equitable collaboration, connecting young minds with their inner purpose. Is your venture centered on a solution that fosters social connections between generations, amplifies youth leadership, and shapes an alternative future? We want to hear from you!

Who are we looking for?

Enabling youth leadership for social impact:

Solutions that enable young people to take charge, actively identifying their strengths and passions. With this self-awareness, they lead the charge in effecting positive change within their communities.

Promoting equitable intergenerational collaboration:

Solutions that promote equity by fostering intergenerational social connections, mutual learning and empathy, ensuring that young people have an equal opportunity to lead and effect change. This inclusive approach allows young people to access the collective wisdom and resources of all generations, amplifying their impact and sustaining their commitment to changemaking.

Fostering agency in young people:

Solutions that foster agency among youth by catalyzing them to take ownership of their ideas, actions, and impact. As a result, young individuals develop the confidence and autonomy needed to lead changemaking efforts, ultimately becoming lifelong changemakers.

Evaluation Criteria

Remember, we are looking for innovative and creative ideas at all stages of development, which means your initiative could be in its first year of implementation or a fully baked one! Each of the below 5 criteria will be considered equally in the evaluation of each application. 

Connection and Commitment:

Your initiative engages deeply with your community whilst valuing the voices and servicing the needs of young people.

Activating Young Changemakers: 

Your venture enables young leaders to drive meaningful change and create a brighter future.


As a standard working practice, you measure the impact of your initiative whilst prioritizing continuous learning and skill development.


Your venture actively pushes boundaries and explores new possibilities to address complex challenges.

Operational Viability:

Your organization was created with a focused plan for secure long-term sustainability and adaptability in diverse local contexts.