AFS Intercultural Programs is proud to partner with AstraZeneca, through its Young Health Programme (YHP), to help create a healthier, more sustainable future for people, society and the planet by offering scholarships for young leaders from around the world to join the Climate Entrepreneurship Academy at the 2024 AFS Youth Assembly.

With these scholarships, AstraZeneca aims to empower young leaders who are tackling pressing climate issues that have the potential to impact health, build more resilient health systems, and improve equitable access to healthcare.

Prioritizing good health is paramount for building a sustainable future. However, both the enduring effects of COVID-19 and the escalating impacts of climate change on health have strained health systems worldwide, leaving them under-resourced and overwhelmed. It’s imperative that we take immediate action to fortify these systems, ensuring they can effectively meet present and future demands.

Strengthening the resilience of health systems necessitates addressing the climate crisis, which not only jeopardizes human health but also intensifies pressures on healthcare workers and disproportionately affects marginalized communities. To equip health systems for the challenges ahead, we must bolster their resilience, promote equitable health outcomes, and expedite the transition to net-zero emissions.

About AFS

The Youth Assembly is a unique platform that cultivates a global network of young leaders and changemakers through exchange, education, action and impact. It empowers the next generation of leaders with opportunities to connect with like-minded peers, trailblazers, and influencers, develop global competence and critical skills, and transform their vision for a better future through innovative action.

The Youth Assembly was founded in 2004 by the Friendship Ambassadors Foundation (FAF), a not-for-profit organization with a history that dates back to 1958. FAF and its flagship program, The Youth Assembly, are now a part of AFS Intercultural Programs.

AFS Intercultural Programs is an international, voluntary, non-governmental, non-profit organization that provides intercultural learning opportunities to help people develop the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to create a more just and peaceful world.