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Fully Funded High Commission Of Germany Scholarships 2023

Fully Funded High Commission Of Germany Scholarships 2023
The High Commission of Germany Scholarship 2023 is available for a range of course levels, and Germany is one of the few countries in Europe to provide free higher education.

If they want to enroll in Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degree programs, international applicants should submit their applications.

International students are welcome to apply to study in any academic discipline. The German government awards scholarships to more than 100,000 international students each year. Additionally, while still enrolled in school, international students can look for part-time work. Students can also travel around Europe using their student visas. The High Commission of Germany Scholarship is currently accepting applications.

The High Commission of Germany Scholarship is currently accepting applications. Just take your time and read this text thoroughly; it has all the information you require regarding the High Commission of Germany Scholarship.

Details About 2023 High Commission Of Germany Scholarships
Host Country: Germany
Scholarship Coverage: Fully Funded
Study Level: Bachelors, Masters/MPhil, MBA, LLM, PhD
List of 2023 High Commission Of Germany Scholarships
1 . Firstly, The Deutschland stipendium
This scholarship is available at German Universities. It is open to applicants from all over the world who wish to study Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs at public and state-recognized universities in Germany.


2 . Secondly, Hof University, Germany Scholarship
Also, Hof University is one of the top Ranked universities in Germany for International students. This Scholarship offers international students with financial support. The support covers extra costs for living and study materials during their studies at the University.


3 . Thirdly, 2022/2023 DAAD/MIPLC Scholarship
The MIPLC is a part of the DAAD Scholarship Program. It is a fully funded scholarship that is designed for students from developing countries seeking to study for Master’s and Ph.D. degree programs.


4 . Also, 2023 University of Freiburg Scholarships
The University of Freiburg is among the top 5 public research universities in Germany. International students can submit their applications at any time.


5 . In addition, 2023 Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Scholarships
This Friedrich Germany International Scholarship will cover a Monthly Stipend, Travel Allowance, Health Insurance, Books, and Tuition.


6 . Besides the above, 2023 Heinrich Boll Foundation Scholarship
This Scholarship awards 1,000 Scholarships annually to international students to pursue their Undergraduate, Master’s, and Doctoral Degree Programs. It is a fully funded scholarship and covers Tuition Fees, Monthly Allowance, Family Children Allowance, Medical insurance, and Funding for an international study tour.


7 . Last but not least, IU Germany Fully Funded Scholarships
Students are invited to submit their online applications for the IU Germany Fully Funded Scholarships. Applying for IU Germany scholarships will save students about 80% of their education costs.

International University of Applied Sciences is a private, state-recognized University of Applied Sciences located in Erfurt, Germany. It is a first-class university that provides online and on-campus scholarship programs.
IU Germany Scholarships offer the largest Bachelor’s, Master’s, and MBA programs. Students stand a chance to work and study at the same time and earn 45,000 euros.


8. Finally, Government of Germany Scholarships 2023
The Government of Germany Scholarships is open for international students to complete their Full-time Master’s, and Ph.D. Degree Programs at Top German Universities.

Find the Official Announcement of the Scholarship HERE (
Also, the List of the closing dates and courses is updated HERE (

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Commonwealth Ph.D Scholarships 2023/2024 (for least developed countries and fragile states) to Study in the UK (Fully Funded)

Commonwealth Ph.D. Scholarships 2023/2024
Commonwealth PhD Scholarships are for candidates from least developed countries and fragile States in the Commonwealth, for full-time doctoral study at a UK university.

The Commonwealth Scholarship Commission in the UK (CSC) provides the UK government scholarship scheme led by international development objectives. It operates within the framework of the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP) and offers a vivid demonstration of the UK’s enduring commitment to the Commonwealth. By attracting individuals with outstanding talent and identifiable potential from all backgrounds and supporting them to become leaders and innovators on returning to their home countries, the CSC’s work combines sustainable development with the UK national interest and provides opportunities for international partnerships and collaboration.

Funded by the UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO), Commonwealth PhD scholarships contribute to the development needs of Commonwealth countries by supporting research that will have a developmental impact. They also enhance individual teaching and research capacity leading to increase institutional capacity in academic and other sectors in Commonwealth countries, and will contribute to UK higher education and research by attracting high-calibre international candidates and encouraging links and collaboration, and are aimed at those who could not otherwise afford to study in the UK.

Intended beneficiaries:
Commonwealth PhD scholarships are for high-quality graduates who have the potential to undertake world-class research of a developmental nature and to become influential leaders, teachers, or researchers in their home countries.


African Union Summit on Industrialization and Economic Diversification Essay Contest 2022 for Young Africans
Africa No Filter Last Mile Film Fund 2022 (up to $25,000)
United People Global “Each One, Bring One” Campaign 2022

Eligibility Requirements:
To apply for these scholarships, candidates must:

Be a citizen of or have been granted refugee status by an eligible Commonwealth country, or be a British Protected Person
Be permanently resident in an eligible Commonwealth country
Be available to start academic studies in the UK by the start of the UK academic year in September 2023
By September 2023, hold a first degree of at least upper second class (2:1) honours standard, or a second class degree (2:2) and a relevant postgraduate qualification (usually a Master’s degree)
NOT be registered for a PhD, or an MPhil leading to a PhD, at a UK university or in your home country before September/October 2023
Be unable to afford to study in the UK without this scholarship
Have provided all supporting documentation in the required format
Scholarship Worth:
A Commonwealth Scholarship covers fees, approved fares, and personal maintenance. Other scholarships, awards, or bursaries that cover the same costs may not be held concurrently.
For the CSC to administer your application effectively and efficiently after you have submitted, it will be necessary to create a record in your name. If you are nominated for an award to the CSC, your details will be kept on file. Basic anonymised demographic data for all applicants will be kept for analytical research. The CSC is committed to protecting your personal information and to being transparent about the information we are collecting about you and what we do with it. To find out more, see our privacy notice.

If your application is successful, the CSC will notify you via email that you have been provisionally selected (selected for an award subject to the CSC agreeing your terms of admission to the university)
The CSC does not require any candidates to take an IELTS (English language) test. You should note, however, that, as a further condition of your scholarship, you may be required by your university to provide evidence of a particular level of English language proficiency.
The CSC will not be able to offer you a scholarship if it would contravene the terms and conditions of another scholarship that you have previously held.
When terms of admission to the university have been agreed, the CSC will send you a Notification of Award (formal offer of a scholarship).
When all conditions of the Notification of Award have been met, the CSC will send you a formal Confirmation of Award.
Selection Criteria
Applications will be considered according to the following selection criteria:

Academic merit of the candidate
Quality of the plan of study
Potential impact on the development of the candidate’s home country
Tenure and Placement

Scholarships are tenable at any approved UK university or higher education institution with which the CSC has a part-funding agreement for a specific programme of research for 36 months of full-time study only.
Scholarships are to obtain one degree; funding will not be extended to enable candidates to complete a qualification in addition to or higher than that for which the selection was made.
Scholarships are made in respect of full-time study only and no other course of study may be undertaken at the same time.
Application Process
Candidates must apply to one of the following nominating agencies as well as to the CSC. Nominating agencies will then put forward candidates to the CSC. The CSC does not accept direct applications for these scholarships:

Each nominating agency oversees its own selection process and may have additional eligibility criteria. Candidates must check with the nominating agency for their specific advice and rules for applying, and their own eligibility criteria. Nominating agencies may set their own closing date for applications.

Apply here (

For More Information: Visit the Official Webpage of the Commonwealth PhD Scholarships 2023/2024 (

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Florida State University 2022 Scholarship for Postgraduate Students

Florida State University 2022 Scholarship for Postgraduate Students

Florida State University Scholarship for Postgraduate Students
Florida State University is currently accepting applications from qualified and eligible domestic and international students to pursue a postgraduate Masters or PhD degree in the university.

The Florida State University Scholarship will cover the full tuition fees of selected candidates and will also provide up to $29,000 in annual stipends.

Florida State University

The scholarships are awarded as graduate assistantships in forms of research assistantships and/or teaching assistantships, which includes competitive stipends, tuition waivers, and student health care coverage.

Scholarship Details:
Florida State University is currently accepting applications from interested and qualified candidates willing to study in the United States of America.

The university offers graduate assistantships in forms of research assistantships and/or teaching assistantships, which includes competitive stipends, tuition waivers, and student health care coverage.

Scholarship Requirements
Hold a baccalaureate degree in an allied field from an accredited college or university;
Fulfil the requirements for the baccalaureate degree or its equivalent.
Hold an undergraduate or graduate GPA of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) or higher.
Scholarship Duration and Reward
The Scholarship period will cover the full costs of study which includes competitive stipends, tuition waivers, and student health care coverage.
Students are awarded with a stipend of $26,000 (Masters applicants) and $29,000 (PhD applicants).


Commonwealth PhD Scholarships 2023/2024
The Government of Ireland Postgraduate Scholarship Programme
Commonwealth Masters Scholarships 2023/2024 (Fully Funded to UK)

Application Deadline
December 31st 2022

Application Process
Submit Your Application
Receive Email Invite to Status Page
Complete your Application: the Status Page
Apply here ->

For more information: Visit Florida State University Official Webpage
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Step by Step Guide on how to take Action as a DO Grassroot Development Champion.

Have you seen a need in your community and you want to invest your time and resources to start, lead or drive a community impact project, advocacy campaign, or initiative that will provide a solution to that problem?  At DO we want to work with you to make this happen. The goal of this guide is to provide you with a step-by-step process on how we work with grassroots development champions to deploy social impact projects that drive development in their locality.


Step 1. Register to become a GDC.

To start off your journey of becoming a Registered DO Grassroot Development Champion (GDC), you will have to first click on this link -> ( to register and get your Unique GDC code.


Step 2. Choose a project that addresses an Issue

There are different projects we have designed to address different issues affecting your community, to choose a project that is relevant to your community or your capacity please  Click here to choose a project from our list of projects.


Step 3. Register your GDC Project, Get your Project Action Kit.

Next, we will need to click here to register the project you chose in step 2 using your Unique GDC code. After registering your GDC project, we will send an email to you that contains an Action Kit that will enable you to seamlessly execute the project.


Step 4. Execute your Project

After Registering your project, please use the Action Kit we sent to you via email to execute your project. Are you facing any difficulty with executing your project please, send a WhatsApp message or call +234 916 186 5111  or write


Step 5. Submit your Project Impact Report

After executing your project, please click on this link to Submit an impact report for your project.


Step 6. Earn Points When you submit your project

For every action, you stand the chance to earn points which enables you to gain access to opportunities, perks, and freebies.


Got any questions our GDC support Centre Team is on standby.

Send a WhatsApp message or call +234 916 186 5111  or write