Have you seen a need in your community and you want to invest your time and resources to start, lead or drive a community impact project, advocacy campaign, or initiative that will provide a solution to that problem?  At DO we want to work with you to make this happen. The goal of this guide is to provide you with a step-by-step process on how we work with grassroots development champions to deploy social impact projects that drive development in their locality.


Step 1. Register to become a GDC.

To start off your journey of becoming a Registered DO Grassroot Development Champion (GDC), you will have to first click on this link -> (https://airtable.com/shrFk6bOOpqirKRRM) to register and get your Unique GDC code.


Step 2. Choose a project that addresses an Issue

There are different projects we have designed to address different issues affecting your community, to choose a project that is relevant to your community or your capacity please  Click here to choose a project from our list of projects.


Step 3. Register your GDC Project, Get your Project Action Kit.

Next, we will need to click here to register the project you chose in step 2 using your Unique GDC code. After registering your GDC project, we will send an email to you that contains an Action Kit that will enable you to seamlessly execute the project.


Step 4. Execute your Project

After Registering your project, please use the Action Kit we sent to you via email to execute your project. Are you facing any difficulty with executing your project please, send a WhatsApp message or call +234 916 186 5111  or write gdc.liasion@dotakeaction.org


Step 5. Submit your Project Impact Report

After executing your project, please click on this link to Submit an impact report for your project.


Step 6. Earn Points When you submit your project

For every action, you stand the chance to earn points which enables you to gain access to opportunities, perks, and freebies.


Got any questions our GDC support Centre Team is on standby.

Send a WhatsApp message or call +234 916 186 5111  or write gdc.liasion@dotakeaction.org