Have you seen a need in your community and you want to invest your time and resources to start, lead or drive a community impact project, advocacy campaign or initiative that will provide a solution to that problem?  At DO we want to work with you to make this happen. Pitch your project and let’s collaborate with you to ensure the success of your project.

The goal of this publication is to provide you with a step-by-step process on how we work with grassroots development champions to deploy social impact projects that drive development in their locality.


STEP 1:- Choose a DO program or initiative that addresses an issue that you care about and affects your community.

We currently have eight major projects under which you can take action for social change;


The mission offering of these social change projects cut across improving health, community infrastructure, human capital development, relief efforts, education, inclusive governance etc. outcomes. Find out what the goal of each project entails and choose the one you are most inclined to.


STEP 2:- Choose a preferred action you would like to take in your community.

Every program has a  “What you can do” section which is broken down into several ways you can take action. Locate the “Take the Lead” section and click on a preferred action you would like to take.


STEP 3:- Fill the GDC project pitch form to pitch your project.

Everyone who takes action under the DO- Take Action platform serves in the capacity of a Grassroot Development Champion (GDC) and all GDCs are required to register their interest in taking action by filling and submitting a pitch form. This form is designed to capture the following;

  1. The preferred action you want to take.
  2. The specific issues you are tackling and why.
  3. A brief description of the project that you want to carry out.
  4. What type of support you need to succeed with your project.

You can read our  GDC Engagement Policy(click here), this provides you with a more detailed understanding of the conditions and principles that guide how we collaborate with Grassroot Development Champions.


STEP 4:- Submit a detailed project proposal.

Next, your project idea will be reviewed by the DO team and depending on the scope of your project, you will receive the following materials from us ;

  1. GDC Project proposal Template: This template is designed to enable us to understand the specifics of your project and the activities that will lead to its successful execution, capture and analyse the real needs prevalent in your community that your project is out to solve and document the resources needed to execute your project.

You will be required to fill and submit this proposal to an email address that will be provided. 


STEP 5 – Project assessment & feedback

Your proposal will be reviewed by the DO team and you will receive feedback from us detailing our assessment of your proposal, requests, our recommendations on what direction we think your project should take based off of your need analysis.


STEP 6 – Receive empowerment offer

Beyond inspiring action for social change, we are also keen on empowering these actions in different ways. Following our review of your proposal, we will send an offer detailing what we propose to support your project with. The decision to accept our offer is yours.  We will also be sending in a Project guide, it is a project execution toolkit that will enable you to effectively carry out the action that you have chosen. This toolkit will comprise templates from our structure as well as externally sourced resources that will facilitate the execution of your project.


From your compliance with these steps, your commitment to taking action is obvious and we are keen on partnering with you to take action. The endgame for idea conception is the execution. As such, let us proceed to the execution phase.


STEP 7- Resources needed for you to execute your project is secured and disbursed.  

From fundraising to material resources such as information, skills/expertise, technology, data, partnerships etc. that will enable you to be effective as contained in our offer, will be disbursed.

STEP 8 – Project execution starts based on the proposal.

Using your proposal, the toolkit we have provided and support, you can now take action for the social change issue you care about.



STEP 9 – Submission of a project report.

A common theme amongst our projects is the drive to create an impact that is measurable and sustainable. As such, after the completion of your project, you will be required to submit a report on your project action to hq@dotakeaction.org using the following templates we will send to you;

  1. Project completion report template.
  2. Financial report template.


STEP 10 – Feedback and Project closure.

Congratulations on the successful execution of your project!

Using our rubric for project evaluation, we will send our feedback on your project report. Also, as a defining part of our objective at DO-Take Action which is to amplify action for social change, we will publish your project action on our Global page of actions, our website and other platforms. This will serve to inspire others to take action for social change.