How do we get people to care and actually drive social change if there is a disconnect between these goals and the people you intend to run with them? How do we mainstream technical and intellectual social change conversations beyond the civil society, NGO and government worlds?

In considering the 17th sustainable development goal- Partnership For The Goals, which points to the need for everyone to actually understand the goals in order to effectively contribute to the achievement of these sustainable development goals (SDGs), it becomes clear that one key challenge facing the SDGs is that of mass adoption.

One of the key qualities of creators and influencers posses it their ability to influence. We believe that there is tremendous power in inspiring an army of creators, entrepreneurs and influencers who are passionate about amplifying the conversations around advocacy issues with the power of their voice.

When we leverage on the strongly relatable quality that influencers possess and the large following they have, whether via social media or the mainstream marketing channels or even celebrity fan base to advocate social change, their role goes beyond just endorsing brands to endorsing social change initiatives and inspiring their subscriber base to take action around behaviour change communication (BCC), issue awareness, policy formulation, advocacy and social change.


CISC is an advocacy campaign targeted at inspiring and empowering creators, entrepreneurs and social influencers to contribute their intellect, skill, platform, network and influence as an effective instrument to drive social change and sustainable development.


To deliver on our goal of getting more creators and influencers to create and influence for social change we will inspire and empower the following actions.

1. the execution of CISC outreaches in the form of events, workshops, meetups, town-hall meetings, festivals and media advocacy campaigns that contribute to enabling us to achieve our target of reaching at least 500,000 creators and influencers, the goal of these outreaches will be to;

a) Onboard creators and influencers spread across the 6 geo-political zones as CISCs who will pledge to utilize their skills and platform to drive and inspire action for the SDGs and social change issues.

b) Empower them with the skills, networks and opportunities that will allow them to thrive and grow.

c) Showcase and amplify the work of CISCs taking action for social change.

2. Support the execution of creative and media projects such as music, short and feature films, animations, artwork, designs, photography, technology solutions, theatre productions, articles, publications media advocacy campaigns and projects that highlight social issues and inspire people to take action on these issues.


Reach over 500,000 creators and influencers and activate 5000 of them. Work with creators to craft over 10,000 piece of social change media content that will reach over 5 million Nigerians influencing at least 1 million nigerians to take action for the SDGs and social change.