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We believe in the potential of individual action at the grassroots and institutional level to address the wicked problems affecting our world.  Let's work with you to impact your community

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Let's work with you to impact your community

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Follow these Steps to take action as a Common Wealth & DO Grassroot Development Champion

Taking action as a DO Grassroots Development Champion is an opportunity to impact your community and drive sustainable change positively. By following the steps outlined below, you can effectively contribute to addressing key issues and making a difference:

Get Started

Register to become Commonwealth x DO GDC.

To start off your journey of becoming a Registered DO Grassroot Development Champion (GDC), you will have to first click on the button below to register and get your Unique GDC code.

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Step 1. Choose a project that addresses an Issue

We have developed various projects to tackle the diverse issues affecting your community. To find a project that aligns with your community's needs or your capacity, simply click on the button below to select an issue. From there, you can choose a specific project from our list and the corresponding action you wish to take and download your action kit.

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Step 2. Get a Project Action Kit.

When you select a project and choose a particular action, you will be prompted to complete a form. Upon submission, we will promptly send the action kit directly to your email address. This kit will equip you with the information and materials to effectively engage in the identified action, empowering you to make a meaningful impact.

Step 3. Execute your Project

Once you receive your action kit via email, we encourage you to utilize it to implement your project. If you encounter any challenges or require assistance during the execution of your project, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. You can send a WhatsApp message or call us at +234 916 186 5111. Alternatively, you can also contact us via email at We are here to support you and provide any guidance or clarification you may need to ensure the success of your project.

Step 4. Submit your Project Impact Report

Upon completing the execution of your project, we kindly request that you click on the button below to submit an impact report for your project. This report will enable us to assess the outcomes and effectiveness of your efforts. It allows us to measure the positive changes brought about by your project and understand its broader impact on the community. Your impact report is valuable in helping us track progress and share inspiring stories of change. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with this important information.

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Step 5. Earn Points When you submit your project

For every action you take, you have the opportunity to earn points that unlock access to various opportunities, perks, and freebies. These points serve as a reward system, recognizing and appreciating your active participation and contributions. As you accumulate points, you access exclusive benefits and incentives, providing additional motivation and recognition for your commitment to making a positive impact. We value your dedication and aim to enhance your experience by offering exciting rewards as a token of our appreciation for your continued engagement.

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Got any questions our GDC support Centre Team is on standby.

Send a WhatsApp message or call +234 916 186 5111 or write

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