In my locality, a significant number of women are considered underprivileged and vulnerable. In our community, women are often confined to the role of marriage and denied the chance to pursue their own lives. However, as a man, I’ve come to realize that this perception is not accurate. Having had the privilege to explore other societies, I saw how well women were doing there and felt the need for greater women’s development in my own community.

To address this issue, I took action and registered as a Grassroot Development Champion (GDC) with DO Take Action. I initiated a program to empower women in my community at Chikun LGA, Kaduna. I provided a one-month computer skills training to 10 vulnerable adolescent and young girls.

The training covered various aspects, including computer appreciation and an introduction to IT career opportunities. Participants learned practical applications of Microsoft Office Word, Excel for data entry and computations, and PowerPoint for presentations. Additionally, they were trained in operating business machines like photocopiers, printers, and scanners.

The key results of the training were remarkable. Eight participants gained a proficient understanding of Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. They also acquired the ability to operate printers, scanners, and photocopiers. Furthermore, at least 10 participants pledged to utilize their newly acquired skills.

To ensure continued progress, we have an M&E (Monitoring and Evaluation) plan in place. Regular follow-ups with the beneficiaries will help us identify those who have secured employment using their skills. Additionally, I am actively working on expanding our network to provide these young women with suitable part-time job opportunities.

Furthermore, to enhance the beneficiaries’ skills, an agreement has been established with SKyclass Pro ICT Centre, allowing them to participate in an internship program. This opportunity will enable them to sharpen their skills and master the computer programs they have learned. Monitoring their progress at the centre will help us ensure their continuous growth.

Overall, I am committed to promoting women’s development in my community and will continue my efforts to empower them with the necessary skills and opportunities for a brighter future.