Growing up, I always pondered about my future, envisioning myself in the shoes of today’s vibrant and enthusiastic youths. Their energy and passion inspired me to take action and make a positive change in my community. Driven by my passion for teaching, I decided to impart valuable skills to teenagers, encouraging them to learn and grow.

As a Grassroot Development champion at DO, I chose to work with Kpaduma Community Junior Secondary School in Asokoro. My goal was to teach them how to make slippers from simple materials. The results were astounding! The children not only learned the art of crafting slippers but also embraced the knowledge enthusiastically. They were eager to create their own slippers, using whatever materials they could find at home.

Witnessing the joy on their faces as they learned and practiced at home filled my heart with pride. At least 10 participants pledged to start with carton paper before acquiring the necessary materials to craft beautiful slippers for themselves. Their constant questions about where to buy materials and the cost of things showed their determination to save up and continue their learning journey.

Moreover, their enthusiasm extended beyond school hours, as they willingly invested their time in mastering the craft. Seeing their dedication was a true testament to the impact I had on their lives. Knowing that I played a part in fostering their curiosity and passion for skill development was immensely rewarding.

My experience with the students of Kpaduma Community Junior Secondary School reaffirmed my belief in the power of education and mentorship. Through these humble beginnings, I aspire to continue making a positive difference in the lives of youths, nurturing their dreams and empowering them to become skilled and self-reliant individuals. Together, we can create a brighter future for our communities, one step at a time.

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