In the relentless battle against the wicked issues that plague our beloved nation, Nigeria, it is crystal clear that the key to victory lies in the hands of our young and vibrant generation. At  DO , we firmly believe in empowering these extraordinary individuals to make a resounding impact right from the grassroots level.

Today, we are thrilled beyond measure to announce our groundbreaking partnership with the School of Science and Technology Education at the Federal University of Technology Minna. This alliance represents a fusion of passion, purpose, and determination to create lasting change in our society. Together, we will pave the way for a brighter and more prosperous Nigeria.

Empowering the Driving Force: GDCs (Grassroot Development Champions)

One of the cornerstones of our mission is to raise awareness about critical issues affecting our nation and to empower young people to initiate change in their lives and communities. Through this new collaboration, we are presented with an unparalleled opportunity to actively engage with over 3,000 registered student GDCs, who serve as the driving force behind transformative change at FUTMINNA.

Our partnership will be a catalyst for greatness as we guide, support, and empower these incredible young minds to take action on the issues that resonate deeply with them. From spearheading environmental sustainability initiatives to leading the charge for social justice and combating drug abuse on campus, these students are the unsung heroes creating tangible impacts within their own communities.

Amplifying Impact: The Power of Unity

With DO expertise in community-driven initiatives and FUTMINNA’s commitment to academic excellence, we are poised to achieve remarkable milestones in addressing the challenges that confront Nigeria. By fostering an environment of innovation, creativity, and collaboration, we will nurture these young change-makers to become the vanguards of progress and sustainable development.

A Call to Action: Building a Better Future Let us come together to identify, understand, and combat the issues that hinder progress and growth. Through knowledge, dedication, and collective action, we will break barriers and open doors to a brighter future.

Whether you are a student, faculty member, or staff, your participation is crucial in building a better Nigeria. Embrace your role as a change agent and contribute your ideas, passion, and expertise to drive our nation forward.


DO’s partnership with FUTMINNA marks the dawn of a new era in the fight against social challenges in Nigeria. Through this collaboration, we aim to empower, educate, and elevate the young minds who will shape our nation’s destiny. Together, we will create a ripple effect of positive change, touching lives, and building a stronger, more resilient Nigeria.

Join us in this exciting journey of transformation and empowerment. Together, we will make history, leaving an indelible mark on our beloved nation and the generations to come. Let’s take action and secure a brighter future for Nigeria.