DO Global Leadership program is a three (3) months Incubator designed to empower you with the knowledge and experiences you need to discover yourself, develop your career trajectory, access and position yourself for opportunities, hone your leadership skills and become a change maker in your community and an influential leader on the global stage. This program is designed to enable you to navigate the international landscape expertly, create cross-culture connections, and foster growth for businesses and communities in your nation, Africa and worldwide.



  1. You are a leader or interested in becoming a Leader. You want to be a force for good and change in your Community or Nation.

  2. You have a desire to become an influential figure and a powerful force in your industry or sector in the near future.

  3. Your want to Improve your economic condition, access local and global job or internship opportunities or want to build a stable career.

  4. You want to access and leverage local and global opportunities and networks such as Scholarships, conferences etc.

Program Component and Benefits

3 Months of Self paced Learning

Attend eight(8) free masterclasses and 16 elective classes by industry leaders across the five(5) core thematic areas:  Career Mapping, Opportunities & Networking, Influencing & Thought Leadership, Personal Development, Sustainable Development and Community Leadership.

Local and Global Opportunities

Program Participants will gain access to tailor-made Jobs, Careers, Scholarships, and Conference Opportunities that set them up for success.

Letter of Recommendation & Administrative Support

Applying for a scholarship, an opportunity or a Job? Get a Letter of Recommendation / Reference, CV review and other ancillary support you need to thrive in your career.

Execute a Community Project, Become a Grassroot Development Champion

During the program, you will execute a Community Impact project that will enable you to make a difference in your Community and position you as a Leader and changemaker.

Social Support & Networking

Meet and Network with prospective mentors, and attend fun events that enable you to meet and network with smart and interesting people.

Download resources, access Freebies & Rewards

Download and access valuable resources to enable you to thrive as a Global leader and lead a successful career. Get discounts, and win mini-grants, and freebies from our partners.