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Every day, we witness the impact of our collective efforts, and it is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Through your unwavering commitment and dedication, lives are being transformed, dreams are being realized, and communities are flourishing. It is because of your unwavering belief in our cause that we can continue to create meaningful change and make a lasting difference in the world.

Here’s what We’ve Been Up To:

We’ve been working on some exciting initiatives to empower the Nigerian youth and create a positive impact in our communities. Here are a few:

Our team has been actively involved and intentional about signing partnerships with organizations that understand our vision and goal to inspire the next 1 billion Indvidual’s to take action in their communities.
We have sealed partnerships with the following organizations:
-The UN women
-The University of FUT Minna
-The Association of Tiv Actors (ATA)
-The Ugwumba Center for Leadership Development

These are a few amongst others.

Community Projects:
Our team has been actively involved in community projects across Nigeria, focusing on education, skills development, and environmental sustainability. We believe in the power of local solutions and are dedicated to making a tangible difference in the lives of people.

Empowerment Workshops:
We recently organized a series of interactive workshops aimed at equipping individuals with essential life skills, such as leadership, communication, and critical thinking. One of those being the Women’s Economic Empowerment through Affirmative Procurement (WEEAP) training program.

DO In partnership with the UN women has developed the
The WEEAP program specifically designed for selected African women in Mali, Senegal and Nigeria who are ready to take their skills to the next level. It’s an ongoing three-weeks online training program, were the women incredible opportunity to learn from experienced procurement professionals. The curriculum covers a wide range of topics, including digital trends, social media hacks, affirmative procurement policies and strategies.

The program has a cost of $1500, but we had over 250 women on Full scholarships, which cover the full tuition fee, course materials, free data, a certificate of participation, administration, and offer mentorship opportunities along with a network of industry experts. All of these benefits are provided free of charge.

Inspiring Stories:
Through our website and social media platforms, we’ve been sharing inspiring stories of GDCs who have overcome challenges and achieved remarkable success and made impacts in their communities. These stories serve as a beacon of hope and motivation for others, showing that dreams can indeed be turned into reality.


Latest News and Updates:

Our website:
has been revamped to make it even more user-friendly and engaging. It’s now easier than ever to explore our programs, access valuable resources, and stay up to date with the latest news and events.

Events for the month of June:

7th June Wednesday
World Food Safety Day

World Food Safety Day (WFSD) is celebrated on 7 June 2022 with an aim to draw attention and inspire action to help prevent, detect, and manage foodborne risks, contributing to food security, human health, economic prosperity, agriculture, market access, tourism, and sustainable development.

We aim to Create awareness on food safety and drive online conversation on food safety. Do well to engage by liking, commenting and reposting these. posts.


12th June Monday
World Day Against Child Labour

“Every year on June 12 the World Day Against Child Labor is observed to raise awareness of the plight of child laborers world-wide. Hundreds of millions of girls and boys around the world are affected.

In this regard we are advocating against child labor via social media. Do well to engage by liking, commenting and reposting these. posts.


14th June Wednesday 

World Blood Donor Day

Every year countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day. The event serves to raise awareness of the need for safe blood and blood products and to thank voluntary, unpaid blood donors for their life-saving gifts of blood. A blood service that gives patients access to safe blood and blood products in sufficient quantity is a key component of an effective health system.

We are Putting up a social media campaign to celebrate blood donors around the world and also encourage Nigerians to donate blood at least once a year. Do well to engage by liking, commenting and reposting these. posts.


17th June Saturday
World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought

Droughts are among the greatest threats to sustainable development, especially in developing countries in Africa but increasingly so in developed nations too. In fact, forecasts estimate that by 2050 droughts may affect over three-quarters of the world’s population.

That is why on this day we are set to raise awareness on the state of desertification and drought in the world and put up strong awareness on ways to combat drought and desertification.

To make this possible we Encourage GDCs to do a 2-minute video to propagate this day and what it stands for. Your content will be posted across all our online platforms.

20th June Tuesday
World Refugee Day

World Refugee Day is an international day designated by the United Nations to honor refugees around the globe. It falls each year on June 20 and celebrates the strength and courage of people who have been forced to flee their home country to escape conflict or persecution. World Refugee Day is an occasion to build empathy and understanding for their plight and to recognize their resilience in rebuilding their lives.

On this day we are raising awareness of the current topic of refugees and migration and pay a courtesy visit to refugee campaign to commemorate World Refugee Day.


26th June Monday
International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking

The International Day against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking as an expression of its determination to strengthen action and cooperation to achieve the goal of an international society free of drug abuse.

We need 20 passionate GDCs who are ready to execute the “No to pills and drug abuse project” in their communities and put out a strong social media advocacy on ways to prevent drug abuse in commemorating international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking.

27th June 2023
Micro- Small and Medium-sized Enterprises Day
“Resilience and Rebuilding: MSMEs for sustainable development at the forefront of building back better and stronger from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic”

The United Nations General Assembly designated 27 June as “Micro-, Small, and Medium-sized Enterprises Day to raise awareness of the tremendous contributions of MSMEs to the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Medium-sized Enterprises Day.

On this day we raise awareness that focuses on how purpose-driven MSMEs and social entrepreneurship are at the center of contributing to inclusive growth, combating inequalities and building back better and stronger, especially during challenging times.


29th June, 2023

International Day of the Tropics

The International Day of the Tropics celebrates the extraordinary diversity of the tropics while highlighting unique challenges and opportunities nations of the Tropics face. It provides an opportunity to take stock of progress across the tropics, to share tropical stories and expertise and to acknowledge the diversity and potential of the region. the Tropics are a region of the Earth, roughly defined as the area between the tropic of Cancer and the tropic of Capricorn. Although topography and other factors contribute to climatic variation, tropical locations are typically warm and experience little seasonal change in day-to-day temperature.

We will Put up and educational content on social media on the importance of the tropics and the need to reserve it by stopping deforestation in the tropics. Do well to engage by liking, commenting and reposting these. posts.

 30 June 2023

International Day of Parliamentarism

In these times of uncertainty and anxiety, people are looking to their parliaments to respond with actions that will lead to a better future. Involving the community in decision-making through effective public engagement can help ensure that parliaments respond in ways that meet people’s expectations and aspirations. Simply put, better parliamentary engagement further nurtures public trust in governance, and thus stems the rise of authoritarianism.

On this day we would Pay a courtesy visit to the house of representative to understand better how Nigeria parliament works and how we can engage with them.

Opportunities for You:

Here is an amazing opportunity to check out;

Calling all African female entrepreneurs! Position your business for global success with the Women’s Economic Empowerment through Affirmative Procurement (WEEAP) training program. Join the three-week online course put together by the UN women in collaboration with DO. Learn from experts, gain vital skills in digital trends, social media, and procurement strategies. Full scholarships available, including mentorship and industry networking. Limited slots available don’t miss out! Sign up now:

Registration for WEEAP Cohort 2 is open

Apply Now

Link to apply:



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