Meet Blessing Ijeoma Anagumba is a Grassroots Development Champion (GDC), whose mission is to break barriers and ignite the leadership spark in young girls. Her awe-inspiring “She is a Leader” project took flight at the Zarumai Model School in Chanchaga, Minna, Niger State, leaving an indelible mark on 84 teenage students and igniting a fiery passion for leadership and grassroots politics.

With unwavering determination, Blessing’s project sparked a movement of 70 students fervently pledging to seize leadership positions within their school and classrooms, envisioning themselves as outstanding leaders of the future.

The project’s influence was evident through the active involvement of teenage girls in various leadership positions within the school. Throughout the workshop, the participants displayed outstanding cooperation and readiness for positive transformation.

As the program reached its pinnacle, an electrifying moment unfolded when each participant took an unwavering oath to embrace leadership with open hearts. This remarkable achievement illuminates the path forward, emphasizing the paramount significance of empowering our girls with leadership skills to fuel authentic change and foster holistic development worldwide.

Join Blessing Ijeoma and become a DOER, championing sustainable development in your community. Visit today and execute a project for sustainable development.

Blessing Ijeoma Anagumba
Grassroot Development Champion