Being in a school environment, I have had the opportunity to interact with numerous teenagers who exhibit strength, passion, and enthusiasm. However, some of these teenagers face a common challenge: they possess dreams and aspirations but lack the know-how to pursue them. On one occasion, I had a conversation with a teen who was hesitant to share her future goals openly, but she provided me with a description of her plans.

Motivated to help teenagers like her, I initiated a project called “Teenage to Purpose” under the banner of “DO Take Action.” In this project, I gathered 20 teenagers and created a compelling presentation filled with impactful slides to educate them on selecting a more fulfilling career path and guide them on how to achieve it. During the workshop, I encouraged the participants to share their aspirations, the reasons behind their career choices, and what they aimed to be known for in the future.

The outcome was promising, as the teenagers expressed their commitment to implementing the lessons they learned from the workshop. At least 20 participants pledged to apply the knowledge they acquired to shape their future endeavors.

After the project, I evaluated its impact by assessing the responses to the questions posed to the participants. I was gratified to find that a minimum of 80% of women and girls were represented in the community, indicating that the project had a positive effect on encouraging young females to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

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Faith Ebere
Grassroot Development Champion