Meet Ejiogu Precious Ifunanya, a source of hope and inspiration, working hard to bring positive change in her community as a Grassroots Development Champion with DO. Her mission? To say a resolute “No” to pills and drug abuse.

“The prevalence of drug use among today’s youths is a major concern. It seems like almost every day, we hear tragic news about vibrant young individuals losing their lives or their senses due to drug abuse. The alarming rate of addiction among the youth in our community compels me to take action and do something about it.”

In the vibrant neighborhood of Alimosho, Lagos, Precious has chosen Pogem School as the canvas for her transformative project. Armed with determination and the support of 15 enthusiastic participants, she set out to make a lasting impact.

With enthusiasm, Precious conducted a powerful sensitization program, fearlessly delving into the consequences of drug abuse. But she didn’t stop there. She infused her sessions with knowledge, empowering young minds to embrace a drug-free life filled with promise and potential.

As the project unfolded, the pupils’ understanding of drugs broadened exponentially, and their voices grew stronger. With confidence, they could now articulate the difference between legal and illegal drugs, arming themselves with awareness and conviction.

But the true magic happened when Precious and her participants took their advocacy beyond the walls of their own classroom. Undeterred by challenges, they ventured into other classes, igniting a ripple effect of change that spread throughout the entire school.

Through heartfelt interactions, the students discovered the intricate world of drugs – their various types, the profound psychological impact, and the potential medical repercussions of abuse. Their eyes were opened, and their hearts stirred to make a powerful pledge – to stay far away from illicit drugs, opting only for medications prescribed for their well-being.

With unwavering commitment, Precious continued her time-to-time visits to the school, reinforcing the crucial message with a personal touch. Supported by the Grassroot Development Champions, she ensured her young proteges received the best instructional materials to differentiate between legal and illegal drugs.

Ejiogu Precious Ifunanya’s journey is not just about conducting a project; it’s a testament to the indomitable spirit of youth, united in purpose and resilience. Her story reminds us that one determined individual can spark an extraordinary movement that transcends boundaries.

Witness the transformative power of Precious’s advocacy against drug abuse, and let her story inspire you to believe in the potential of every young changemaker. As her message reminds us that small steps can lead to extraordinary impacts and that, together, we can create a brighter, drug-free future for all.

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Ejiogu Precious Ifunanya
Grassroot Development Champion