I was completely unaware of the harmful impact false news could have on society. With the prevalence of WhatsApp broadcast messages circulating false information daily, I underestimated the seriousness of the issue. It wasn’t until I witnessed firsthand the negative consequences of false information during the lead-up to an election that I realized the gravity of the problem. People were deliberately spreading unverified news to tarnish others’ images and manipulate public perception.

Feeling compelled to make a difference, I took action and became a Grassroots Development Champion (GDC) with DO. I initiated the “Think Before You Share” project at Odums Community, Choba University, Rivers State, with the aim of creating awareness and combating fake news.

In the project, 15 adults were sensitized about the detrimental effects of false information and the importance of verifying news before sharing it. The participants were educated on how to identify and stop the spread of fake news and misinformation.

The impact was substantial, as people became more aware of the consequences of disseminating incorrect information. Furthermore, a significant number of participants pledged to refrain from engaging in the spread of false information and committed to being more discerning about its adverse effects.

Join Vannessa Onyinyechi Asotibe and become an active DOER, devoted to fostering sustainable development in your community. Take action today by visiting www.dotakeaction.org. Together, let’s create a more informed and responsible society.

Vannessa Onyinyechi Asotibe
Grassroot Development Champion