With the election drawing near, a prevalent belief in my community was that non-elected officials did not represent the majority’s choice. Additionally, many people felt that their votes would have little impact, leading to apathy towards the democratic process. I was inspired by this observation, so I proactively joined the DO Take Action organization and registered as a Grassroots Development Champion (GDC). My mission centered around executing the Show Up and Vote Right project, designed to increase awareness among individuals about the vital importance of actively engaging in the democratic process.

The project was executed in Nkwelle Ezunaka, Anambra State, Nigeria. The project aimed to raise awareness among the public about the significance of their votes and the importance of participating in the democratic process. Eight enthusiastic adults, all holders of valid PVCs (Permanent Voter Cards), attended the event.

During the event, participants actively engaged in discussions about their role as voters and the impact of voter apathy on national development. They recognized the power and voice that their PVCs bestowed upon them, emphasizing that they would not let their voices be silenced in the upcoming 2023 General Election.

The attendees demonstrated their determination to effect change by pledging to raise awareness about obtaining PVCs within their community and beyond, becoming advocates for the #GetyourPVC movement.

With this, Chude has been able to drive for sustainable development and promote democratic participation, inclusivity, and environmental consciousness. By encouraging active engagement in the democratic process, it seeks to empower communities to prioritize long-term, sustainable solutions and hold policymakers accountable for their actions.

Join Chude in taking action for sustainable development by visiting our website, www.dotakeaction.org, today.

Chude Arinze Timothy
Grassroot Development Champion