“My life’s vision is to raise young leaders who will be agents of change and transformation in their society and the world at large.” – Naziga Ledum Bariyima.

Naziga is a Grassroots Development Champion who derives fulfillment in teaching young people 21st century skills that enable them gain access to the global market thereby making them financially independent. His core interests are politics, entrepreneurship and nation building.

Naziga is a graduate of Chemical Engineering from the University of Portharcourt. He is a Chemical Engineer by profession and a Realtor at Bamboo Real Estate.

Consistent with his passion, Naziga carried out a project on “Democracy, Corruption and Good governance” at  C.S.S Yeghe, Ogoni. He addressed the issues of bad governance, corruption, and leadership without integrity.

This is why he chose the project;

“I chose this particular project because it defines the problem Nigeria is facing as a nation. We are plagued with selfish leaders who do not care about the people and the development of the nation; leaders who aren’t patriotic and democratic. So, as a way to address this in my own little way, I chose this project.”

In the course of the project, Naziga taught the students on characteristics of a leader, democracy, corruption and good governance, and inspired and encouraged them to vy for leadership roles both in school and outside of school. He ended the project with a mini election where the students selected leaders to be their school prefects.

The project yielded good results as he got positive feedback from some of the teachers as to how the elected prefects were conducting themselves responsibly, which was not the case before. 

“Executing this project helped me to connect to the 3 core interests of my life; politics, entrepreneurship and nation building. I want to leave a great legacy for the upcoming generation to follow.”

Naziga has taken action to curb bad governance in his community. 

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