“My desire is to see that everyone regardless of background, creed and gender can make a positive impact and bring about the needed change in our nation and the world at large starting from their various communities” – Ohaju Obed Ifeanyi.

Ifeanyi is a Grassroots Development Champion who believes youths are blessed with immense potentials and capabilities which need to be harnessed and provided the necessary support so as to bring about a pivotal change in the Nigerian, African and global economy.

Ifeanyi is a student of English Language and Literature at the University of Benin, Edo state. However, the 23-year-old is the CEO of Dream Weave Africa Consult; a Serial Author and Keynote Speaker on issues that border around Business, Leadership, Real Estate Investment and Digital Book Publishing.

He believes every human on earth, especially the youths, are blessed with immense potential and capabilities which need to be harnessed and provided the necessary support so as to bring about a pivotal change in the Nigerian, African and global economy. As a result, Ifeanyi has dedicated his life to training and inspiring youths in different communities in Anambra, Enugu, Edo State and through various social media platforms. He has spoken on different Youth Empowerment Summits, Leadership Trainings, Virtual Conferences and Student Programs. 

The exposure made him realise that many young persons (18 – 35) have business ideas or are passionate about building a business that would not just sustain them but create an avenue for people seeking employment opportunities. Hence, he organized a project on “Passion to Business Empire” to show them how to start a business with little or no funds, manage the business, source for finance and scale the business to the extent they can train or employ others.

It was a 2-day virtual training which had over 90 young entrepreneurs in attendance. The participants had the privilege of learning from seasoned speakers who taught them Business ideation, Financing, Management, integration of ICT in business and more importantly, Leadership. There was a Q&A session where participants asked questions and very relatable answers were provided.

After the project, some participants took pragmatic steps to put their newly gained knowledge into work, and are already recording results. A few participants were inspired by the project and volunteered to join the cause and become Grassroot Development Champions who will in turn carry out social development projects in their various communities.

“I’ve been committed to this course for the past 5 years and I’ll continue to hold the forth and not be deterred by challenges. One of the things that gives me joy is when people send in their testimonials via email or my social media handles attesting to how they have been inspired by the things I do and how they plan to take necessary actions to become better in their craft. I feel very humbled by the privilege.”

Ifeanyi has taken action to raise informed entrepreneurs who can contribute positively to the Nigerian economy. 

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