“As a programmer, I know the stress that comes with the job. Many tech people don’t have the luxury called fun. There is the imposter syndrome where achieving a task can be daunting especially when the task is not proving successful.


I chose the project on stress, suicide and depression because so many people go around with so much going on with them which they won’t tell anyone even if asked. People have mastered the art of dying in silence. I wanted to contribute in a small way to improve the mental health of people in my community.” – Raphael Sani Enejo.


This is the story of Raphael Sani Enejo, a graduate of Trinity University of Asia in Quezon City, Philippines. He is currently working as a software engineer at Semicolon, Lagos.


Raphael is a Grassroots Development Champion passionate about driving social change in his community.


Raphael noticed the deplorable mental health of his colleagues in the tech community and decided to do something about it. He executed a project on Depression, Stress and Suicide Awareness at the Semicolon Labs Main Office, Yaba, Lagos. 


In the course of the project, Raphael held counselling sessions with a renowned mental health practitioner, presided over discussions on the triggers of depression and stress and how to manage it, and organised group activities that encourage openness. 


Raphael has taken action to curb depression, stress and suicide in his community. 


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