“I studied technical education at Cross River University of Technology, Calabar, because I wanted to be a teacher, but the negative experiences I had as a child motivated me into social work. My experiences gave me the passion to help women have a better life, live in a better world and be financially stable with good skills that will protect them from gender-based violence.” – Uwakmfon Archibong Nsa.

This is the story of Uwakmfon Archibong Nsa, a graduate of Technical Education from Cross River University of Technology, Calabar, who ended up as an advocate for gender equality.

Uwakmfon is a Grassroots Development Champion passionate about building a better generation of young women and girls who will be able to make an informed decision for themselves, take up leadership positions and contribute positively to economic growth.

In pursuit of her passion, Uwakmfon founded Flourish Heart Foundation, a nonprofit organization that advocates for women’s rights and women’s empowerment through entrepreneurship.

Uwakmfon carried out the project “Business Empire” in Esierebom and Afokang communities of Cross River State, Calabar South, Nigeria, where she trained 50 out-of-school girls on cake making, buns making, chin chin making and gele tying. The participants also learnt financial literacy, and how to monetize the skills they learnt. 

But this was more than a project for Uwakmfon, she had a personal backstory…

“Growing up, I saw women face hardship and my mother was not an exception. My mother suffered physical abuse, which led to her early death. I was motivated to get into the development space to help young women have a better life and become self-dependent, thereby reducing gender-based violence against them. 

This project is connected to my interest, passion and vision because it is my passion to equip women with skills that will enable them to have financial stability, thereby reducing gender-based violence against them.” – Uwakmfon Archibong Nsa.

Uwakmfon Archibong Nsa has taken action to empower women in her community, share her story to inspire someone. 

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