Identify and Assist Victims of Trafficking

The Identify and Assist Victims of Trafficking Project is a crucial initiative aimed at raising awareness and empowering individuals to recognize and assist victims of trafficking. Through comprehensive awareness campaigns and targeted education, this project aims to equip community members, including traditional leaders, neighborhood guards, commercial drivers, and young men and women, with the knowledge and tools to identify red flags and potential trafficking situations. By providing information on reporting procedures and the existing framework for victim identification, the project seeks to ensure the protection, reintegration, and empowerment of victims. Join us in combating human trafficking and creating a safer environment for vulnerable individuals.

How you can take action

Organize a workshop designed to educate traditional leaders, Neighborhood Guards, Commercial drivers, Young men and women on how to easily identify and assist victims of trafficking through some indicators, how and where to report human trafficking cases.

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Speak up, lend your voice, advocate and raise awareness on this issue.

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Lend your creativity to create relevant multi-media content, technology innovation or solutions that raise awareness or address this issue.

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Donate and support Grassroot development champions taking action to address this issue.

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