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Over 2000 Voters Enlightened through Online Data Survey & Civic Engagement Advocacy Partnership with Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI)

Location | Abuja,  Nigeria


The civic engagement media drive was the first instalment of the #VotersSpeak project designed to change the narrative and conversations around the 2019 general elections. The #VotersSpeak project was devised to be a strong feedback mechanism for the government. It comprised two key elements;

– A coordinated platform for voters to hold their elected leaders accountable.

– A machinery to facilitate comprehensive data collation on the issues that grassroots champions can use as fodder in engaging these leaders and pushing for development.


Over time, whenever the election season draws near, our sights are typically focused on the sensational rather than the salient issues of governance. Instead of highlighting the issues that affect us as tools to criticize opposing sides, we want to influence the average citizen to really engage these issues to explore solutions or engage the political candidates on their agenda, especially as regards the issues that affect you.


The civic engagement drive was implemented in collaboration with two separate partner organizations at different times. One such partnership was with the Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI).

The partnership with YALI- Abuja Chapter leveraged on the organization’s contribution to governance and civic engagement, through their #9jaVotes campaign- a campaign that seeks to increase voter awareness and participation, encourages the Nigerian youth to vote with integrity, to display truth and accuracy in information sharing and inspires communities to reject violence.

The medium for running this campaign was through the creation of media content and a hike campaign. For the media content, we produced 4 advocacy videos and partnered in hosting a sensitization hike held in conjunction with a health and wellness social enterprise called The Outdoor Tribe. The hike held at Dutse in Abuja.

These were the action steps we took;  

  • Similar to the partnership with JCI, we adopted the mapping results of various LGAs in FCT and selected Bwari and AMAC LGAs drawing from our research and needs analysis for the Relief Hub project.
  • We shot three one-minute videos of randomly selected individuals. In each voter’s video, they highlighted the three most important needs they wanted to direct the focus of the incoming government towards.
  • We also devised a survey for Nigerian citizens in order to generate data that captured the level of voters participation (measured by citizens who had their PVC and were willing to vote) and the three basic needs they seek the incoming government’s attention on.   
  • The next line of action was to initiate correspondence with YALI through e-mails and virtual meetings to establish a working partnership.
  • Following the agreed partnership, we worked together to distribute the campaign content across various social media channels.


The civic engagement drive partnership with YALI Abuja enlightened over 2000 voters through our media and advocacy framework. In addition, across the the 6 local government areas in Abuja, over 1000 voters filled the #VotersSpeak need analysis survey form, designed to capture the 3 basic needs of voters the incoming government needs to direct focus on. Also, over three hundred young persons participated in the sensitization hike.

Project progress 100%

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