Plant A Tree or plant Project

The Plant a Tree project is an advocacy outreach initiative that focuses on educating Primary, Secondary School, and undergraduate students in a community about the impact of climate change and empowering them to combat global warming through nature-based solutions. By highlighting the crucial role of trees in cooling the climate and their ability to absorb and store carbon, the project encourages students to actively participate in tree planting activities. The aim is to inspire a culture of environmental stewardship and facilitate the planting of trees on a monthly basis for 12 months, contributing to climate mitigation efforts and nurturing a sustainable future.

How you can take action

Mobilise members of your community to plant a tree.

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Speak up, lend your voice, advocate and raise awareness on this issue.

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Lend your creativity to create relevant multi-media content, technology innovation or solutions that raise awareness or address this issue.

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Donate and support Grassroot development champions taking action to address this issue.

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