Skill Up Project

The Skill Up Project is a targeted initiative aimed at empowering young people in underserved communities by providing them with skill acquisition training. By enhancing the vocational and sustainable skills of youths, this project seeks to address the challenges they face in securing employment and accessing quality job opportunities. Through the Skill Up Project, young individuals will receive training in various in-demand skills, enabling them to become more competitive in the job market and contribute to economic growth. By equipping youths with valuable skills, we can foster social stability, reduce unemployment rates, and create a pathway to diverse job opportunities. Join us in empowering young minds through skill development and unlocking their potential for a brighter future.

How you can take action

Organize a workshop designed to impact youths with a skill.

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Speak up, lend your voice, advocate and raise awareness on this issue.

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Lend your creativity to create relevant multi-media content, technology innovation or solutions that raise awareness or address this issue.

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Donate and support Grassroot development champions taking action to address this issue.

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