The Intern

“The Intern” is a project that aims to facilitate internship opportunities for individuals seeking professional growth and a supportive workplace culture. This initiative involves collaborating with employers to establish internship programs within their organizations. Through these programs, interns will be matched with relevant career paths, allowing them to apply their acquired knowledge in real work settings. By participating in “The Intern,” individuals will gain valuable hands-on experiences, enhance their marketability, build professional networks, develop essential soft skills, and gain insights into professional workplace dynamics. The project also provides opportunities for receiving constructive feedback, building resumes, and fostering career advancement. Join us in empowering aspiring professionals and fostering a successful transition into the workforce.

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Provide internship opportunities for young people.

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Speak up, lend your voice, advocate and raise awareness on this issue.

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Lend your creativity to create relevant multi-media content, technology innovation or solutions that raise awareness or address this issue.

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Donate and support Grassroot development champions taking action to address this issue.

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