DO for National Youth Service Corpers

Make the best of your National Youth Service year, and leave a lasting impact  on your future 

You can make a meaningful difference and create a positive legacy during your National Youth Service year.

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Choose from any of the projects listed below and engage in community development projects such as organizing health and hygiene workshops, educational programs, and skills training initiatives. Collaborate with local organizations to address pressing issues like poverty, gender inequality, and environmental sustainability. Volunteer in schools, orphanages, or healthcare centers to support underserved populations. Empower and inspire young people through mentorship programs and career guidance sessions. By actively contributing to your community,

Benefits of Becoming a DO GDC

Get Information

Get the latest update and information about your Service year from NYSC and other relevant parastatals.

Guidance and Support

Get guidance and support on the entire NYSC process, from Call up letter, to travel, PPA, Allawee, Security, CDS, etc.


Gain on-demand access to opportunities for professional growth and development that prepare you for life during and post-NYSC.


Social Support & Networking

Social and fun events enable you to play, relax, meet and network with smart and interesting people.

Administrative Support

Get a Letter of Recommendation / Reference, and other ancillary support you need to thrive during and post NYSC.

Freebies, Rewards & Giveaways

Get discounts and freebies that show how much we value your commitment to making a difference in your community.